Exploring the World of Game Development!

  🎮 Exploring the World of Game Development! 🚀 ✨ Hey, guys! Today, I want to ask you: do you know what the important stages are in creating a game?   Today, I'll share with you about some of these stages. Dear game lovers, dive with us into the behind-the-scenes of digital game development! 🌐🔧 Here are some steps that make crafting the worlds you love possible: Creative Ideation: It all begins with an idea. From brainstorming to innovative concepts, creativity is the initial spark that ignites the process. Gameplay Design: Crafting the game's structure. How will players interact with the world? What challenges will they face? Gameplay design shapes the experience. Prototyping: Testing ideas in early prototypes. This helps refine mechanics, identify issues, and tweak the course before full production. Art and Visual Design: Visual magic begins. Concept art, 3D modeling, animations – we turn ideas into stunning visuals. Programming and Coding: The backbone of the game

Diving Deep into the Enchanting Realm of 2.5D Games!

   🎮  Diving Deep into the Enchanting Realm of 2.5D Games!  🌐 ✨ For the avid gamers constantly seeking new frontiers, brace yourselves because 2.5D games are set to elevate your gaming escapades to uncharted heights!  🚀🎲 🕹️  Unpacking the Essence of 2.5D Games: Imagine a fusion of 2D visual elegance intertwined with the immersive depth and dynamic movement of three-dimensional gameplay. It's akin to embarking on a cosmic journey where the best of both gaming worlds collide!  🌍 ✨ 💡  What Makes 2.5D Games Irresistible?  Mesmerizing Visual Symphony: The artistic allure of 2.5D crafts a unique charm, weaving intricate visual layers and captivating details.  Gameplay in Full Swing: The added depth introduces novel dimensions to gameplay, offering a trove of innovative challenges for players to conquer.  Modern Nostalgia Unleashed: A heartfelt homage to the golden era of classic games, with a contemporary twist that appeals to a fresh generation of gamers. 🌈  Explore Our Top Pick

Secret Mission ProtoX game test

Secret Mission ProtoX game test Secrete Mission Protox is a gameplay test, developed in Construct 2 by   Sanplus Game Studio Secrete Mission Protox is a gameplay test, "In this, you can see the stealth style, which is crucial in game development to draw players into the feelings of escape and suspense. The Stealth genre in video games not only involves stealthiness but also allows players to invade or set up an ambush for their antagonist. These games use mechanics such as hiding in the shadows, alert noises, and disguises. Check out more if you're interested at the link." :

Protection Arena Base GGJ20

Protection Arena Base GGJ20 In the development process, what matters is the belief that when we do what we love, time becomes an ally for art to flourish. In Protection Arena Base, the world is collapsing, we were all warned, but once again, we thought it wouldn't happen to us. The fight now is for survival—you choose to unite or survive as long as you can... alone. Game developed using the Unity engine, in the creation process by Sanplus Game Studio during the Global Game Jam Curitiba 2020 event. Feel free to check out the link: "


ESCAPE FROM THE CAVE How does the magic happen in game development? Escape is a game developed by Open Framework, in Pure C++. This is a test conducted during the discipline in the digital game’s specialization. Creating games is an art that requires patience and dedication for the result to be incredible. For this reason, Sanplus dedicates itself to the maximum to specialize every day so that its players can feel the thrill of immersing themselves in the art of game development. Feel free to watch it on YouTube if you'd like:

Test game Worm - How the magic happens

Test game Worm - How the magic happens Worm is a classroom project developed in pure C++ for testing wind and physics. Physics in games isn't so different from real life, and it's crucial for players to immerse themselves in the game. This doesn't mean every law of physics needs to be followed, but it should feel real. Did you get how crazy it is? 😄👽😄 It's in this vibe that Sanplus strives to learn as much as possible to deliver the best experience of your life in our games. Feel free to check it out on YouTube as well:

Testing Sanplus' Mascot The Otter

Testing Sanplus' Mascot The Otter Every company needs something to represent them, and at Sanplus, we search for what motivates us, what could truly represent us at our core. Thus, Sanplus believes that the world can be a better place for everyone, without any distinctions or prejudices. Therefore, our friend, the otter, serves as a reminder that we need to take care of our planet and everything that inhabits it, just as she cares for her offspring and the fish in the rivers. Did you know that when otters feed on fish, they always prefer the older and sick ones? If they didn't do this, diseases affecting our fish might spread, and perhaps we wouldn't have as much food as we do today. Yes! Otters are amazing. There are 13 species worldwide, and in Brazil, we have two of them: the otter (Lontra longicaudis) and the one known as giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis). Unfortunately, some places in Brazil have already lost these species. That's why we need to remember